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11 Year Old Abriella Bredell Emerges World’s Youngest Female To Swim From Roben Island To Big Bay

A young South African girl named Abriella Bredell has just attained an amazing milestone in the world in a bid to help other less privedged children.

With the firm decision to raise funds for the Red Cross children’s hospital, Abriella decided to partake in a charity-based swimming challenge to swim from Robben Island to Big bay which was approximately 8km away, a no mean feat for even full grown adults.



The 11 year old girl from Jeffery’s bay astounded anyone by accomplishing this feat under three hours and eight minutes, emerging the world’s youngest person to participate in this initiative.

Her father, Pierre Bredell who was by her side all through the ordeal commended her for her bravery and strong desire to help the needy.

“Although part of her goal was to set a new world record as the world’s youngest person to swim from these strategically places, she did it for the children. People need to understand the bigger picture, The donations are for the children. It’s like making an investment into our future because they are our future” he said.

Abriella developed a strong affection for the swimming sport at age two and groomed her skills at Brenton Williams swim school in Jeffreys bay and liquid lines swim school in Cape St. Francis. By the time she was seven, she was already considered a problem and took part in open water swims and galas.

Her desire to help other children like her speaks greatly of her good heart and desire to be effectual in the society.
“People tend to not take me seriously because I am so young and because I am still a child. But overall, I am really glad to be doing this” Abriella said.
Welldone Abriella Bredell We Celebrate You!

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