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10 Years Old Becomes Youngest Girl To Conquer All Of Scotland’s Munros 

If you suffer from acrophobia this might not be a story of delight to you as a young 10 year old girl from Inverness recently conquered all of Scotland’s Munros making her the youngest to achieve this mountaineering feat.

Quinn Young, who is still in primary school, completed this incredible feat on October 13 2021 alongside her 47-year-old father who only just completed the task earlier this year. Quinn Is also an active member of her school’s swimming club, an advent cyclist as well as playing the trumpet for her school band. It’s safe to call her “jack of all trades”.

Quinn Young at three

Quinn Young was just three-years-old when she conquered her first mountaintop and as at August last year this brave little daredevil had hit 100 of Scotland’s Munros with the aim of completing all 282 before she finished her primary school, which she did.

Her feat included climbing the notorious unreachable height, also known as In Pin, on Skye, which is known as one of the most difficult Munros to bag.

Quinn Young

Munros are Scottish mountains with an elevation of more than 3,000 feet (914 metres). There are 282 Munros across Scotland with the highest being Munro Ben  and over 4,000 people have climbed all of them.

The phenomenon known as Munro bagging was inspired by Sir Hugh Munro a Scottish scholar who was born and raised in London. While studying in Germany, he climbed in the Alps and continued his interest in climbing when he settled at the family estate in Scotland.

Sir Hugh was a founder and president of the Scottish Mountaineering Club which set him the task of listing all the country’s hills of 3,000ft.

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