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This 10 year Old Liberian Girl Is Determined To Become A Real Madrid Star Player

Don’t just nurse the dream to be great, work towards it like 10 year old Jessica.
Despite the obvious ban in some countries on sports, some exceptional female are still fighting hard to break free from these constrains and change the course of history.

Jessica Quachie, a young vibrant Liberian girl who recently got interviewed by BBC is one of these exceptional individuals who have committed her life to this course at a young age.


Jessica Quachie On The Field
Jessica Quachie On The Field

From a poor background, the 10-year old was born in West point, the biggest slum in Liberia and was introduced to the football sport at the age of 6.

She began to play with other boys on the street, engaging in street matches and honing her skills at the sport in general. The turning point of her life came when she was spotted by personnels of the Monrovia Football Academy who instantly enrolled her as a pupil in the institution and as a trainee.

Formerly unable to read, Quachie can read fluently now, while still honing her skills on becoming a commendable player.


She has since played in football tournaments in Nigeria and also with boys in various international competitions, including a football match in Abidgan that had quite a number of international football dignitarijes and talent scouts from various clubs including Manchester United and AS monaco.

Although she won’t be able to join any foreign club due to the ban placed by FIFA on international transfers of underaged players and minors, she is determined to play for real Madrid which according to her is her dream club.

We Celebrate You Jessica Quachie!Keep Going!

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