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10 Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs In Nigeria

Women who are making great strides in the world of Business, Politics, Advocacy, Governance and Enterprise.
Meet Nigeria’s most inspiring female entrepreneurs:

Mo Abudu

If you are familiar with the 2016 blockbuster Nollywood movie “The Wedding Party,” you must have heard of Mo Abudu. This amazing woman is the brain behind the production of that movie. Born in London on the 11th of September, 1964, Mosunmola Abudu, popularly known as Mo Abudu is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Media Mogul, Movie Producer, and Philanthropist. She is also the founder and CEO of EbonyLife Group.

Kemi Adetiba

Just like Mo, Kemi Adetiba also played a key part in the 2016 movie, The Wedding Party. Kemi was the one who directed the movie. After the success of the movie, her name got out and everyone wanted to know more about her.
Born on the 8th of January, 1980, Kemi Adetiba is a Filmmaker, Director, and Entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Kemi Adetiba Visuals (KAV).

A graduate of Law from the University of Lagos. Kemi started her career as a Radio Presenter with Rythm FM. She has also worked as a presenter for Soundcity. She moved on to develop her professional life by studying at the New York Film Academy.

Omolola Salako

The battle against the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in Nigeria is becoming achievable through the contributions of successful Oncologists like Omolola Salako.

Omolola Salako is an Oncologist, Founder, CEO, and a Lecturer. She founded the Oncopadi Digital Cancer Clinic, Sebeccly Cancer Care, and Co-founded Pearl Oncology Clinic. She got devoted to helping Nigerians beat the fight against Cancer when she lost her sister to advanced kidney cancer.

Maya Horgan Famodu

African startups in the tech industry can now rely on getting funded through the activities of remarkable investors like Maya Horgan Famodu, another inspiring female entrepreneur in Nigeria.
Maya is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, founder, and co-founder. Born on March 24, 1991, to a Nigerian father and an American mother, she grew up in Minnesota, United States. Maya started her career as a blogger with Huffington Post from 2012 to 2015. Over time, she realized the struggle of people close to her in getting capital for their businesses. This motivated her to establish Ingressive Capital in 2017. Ingressive Capital is a venture capital firm that provides funding for African start-ups in the tech industry.

Mary Njoku

Born on March 20, 1985, to a family of eight, Mary is a graduate of English

language from the University of Lagos.
Mary is the Director-General of ROK Studios. Before she became a Director-General, she began her career as an actress in Nollywood in 2003. She got married to an entrepreneur and startup investor and she was able to work with her husband who is also her partner to ensure young entrepreneurs in Nigeria do not face hardship in getting funded. She is another inspiring female entrepreneur in Nigeria and her success story has motivated lots of young women.

Odun Eweniyi

Odun Eweniyi is a co-founder and chief operating officer of Piggyvest. The Oyo State indigene was born into a family of two professors. Little wonder she became so serious in her academics. She is one of the inspiring female entrepreneurs in Nigeria transforming the technology industry.
In 2013, she graduated from Covenant University with First Class honors in Computer Engineering. She further started a career in the tech industry.
As a young female entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, Odun worked on being a success story. Co-founding Piggyvest in 2016 brought her into the limelight.

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is a writer, blogger, and entrepreneur. She was born in Imo state on the 19th of September, 1980. Linda attended the University of Lagos where she studied English Language.
As a young girl, she started working on making an impact and doing various jobs to help fund her career. From being a part-time writer, she started blogging in 2006. Her blog, Linda Ikeji blog is one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria,
After making a series of professional impacts in the Nigerian media and entertainment industry, she was awarded a doctorate from Trinity International University in Georgia in 2018. Linda Ikeji established an NGO, “I’d Rather be Self-Made; No Thanks” to assist young girls with innovative business ideas.

Olamide Orekunrin

Popularly known as Ola Brown is the founder of the Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Group (FDHIG). Ola was born in 1986 in London, United Kingdom.
Apart from being a founder, she is also a Director at Greentree Investment Company, a venture capital firm dedicated to providing capital to African start-ups.

Uche Pedro

Lovers of wedding trends, lifestyle, and entertainment ‘gists’ must have used the product provided by this great woman.
Uche Pedro is the founder and CEO of BellaNaija a company that provides media, lifestyle, and entertainment content to the audience in Nigeria and all over the world. Uche was born on the 26th of July 1984 in Maiduguri.
She has a degree in Business Administration from Ivey Business School in 2006. And acquired a Masters degree in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School in 2020.

Seun Runsewe

With the drastic growth of Fintech in the Nigerian tech industry, most tech entrepreneurs ventured into developing various ways to get people attracted to the innovation. Seun Runsewe on the other hand was able to look beyond what most people would have thought, by devising a way to get mothers involved in digital finance services.

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